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Maanshan Teng Ming Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional production and sales of solder products, professional unit. The main product series of solder wire: lead-free solder wire, tin-lead solder wash, water-soluble solder wire, no-clean solder wire, hightemperature solder wire, lamp dedicated wire, solder wire welding aluminum, etc; tin series: Lead-free solder , tin-lead solder, high-temperature soldering, wave soldering, dip soldering solder, water tank dedicated solder, welding aluminum and other special solder; paste series: lead-free solder, tin-lead solder paste, tin-silver solder paste solar photovoltaic and other special solder paste; flux series: dedicated wave flux, solar photovoltaic and other special flux. Also in order to better serve our customers, now offers customized solder wire, solder, solder paste, flux, and other services.
Companies in the quality of survival, to the principles of technology and development, product quality as the lives of enterprises, and strengthen the quality inspection of the production process. And culture, creating a number of highly qualified staff, therefore, we are confident to provide customers with stable high quality products and services. That the value of the product quality, but also in the service. We have a high-quality customer service team, ready to act, to the production site to provide customers with high quality, efficient, courteous and professional service.
Companies with a variety of products for many years of production practice technological innovation, the production of solder wire, solder and other technical performance met the national standard of SGS, the strict implementation of ISO9001 in the production process: 2000 international quality management system, product quality and stability, and the praise of many users.
Maanshan Teng Ming Metal Technology Co., Ltd. under the Ministry of technical quality, professional physical and chemical room, with a complete physical and chemical means of detection, superb manufacturing technology, a sound quality assurance system, coupled with a complete analysis of testing equipment, we have enough capacity security requirements of different consumer groups desired product, in the "technology leadership, integrity management, quality first, human services," the purpose of the product quality as the lives of enterprises, strengthen quality control of production processes, enterprises with high-quality products, preferential prices, excellent service welcome you, Teng Ming metal Technology and you were off! ! !
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